Online Guarding Registration

If you already have a username and password for the system you should go to the login page.

This online registration code enables you to complete the automatic registration.
This code is available from your supplier and is not the same as the Magcell Code.

Registration Details  
The name of your organization.

Name of the contact person at your organization.

Please specify a valid email address.
Your email address needs to be verified
before you can use the system.

Example: +27 11 123 1234 or 082 123 1234

Password should be 4 - 20 characters long.
Alpha-numeric characters, underscores and
dashes are allowed.

Name of your first site. Choose a descriptive name so
that you can easily identify the site. This name can be
changed later. Note:You can add more sites later on
if you have more than one

This is a 6 digit number found on the inside of your Magcell.
Note:You can add more magcells later on if you have more
than one

Automated Reports

Add Extra emails to the one you entered above to receive Detailed Clocking and Overview Clocking reports which will be emailed at 9:00 everyday.

Video Quick Tips

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